Founded in 2010, MTA Productions is an International Award Winning TV Production Company, which specialises in Scripted Comedy and Drama TV Series and Unique Television Formats for both UK and international audiences. Hit shows include the Award winning TV comedy Meet the Adebanjos.

Applying a 360 degrees production approach we create and produce TV comedy and drama concepts that can easily diversify into various media formats such as theatre, literature and digital media.

Being a forward thinking company we constantly invest and work alongside many local and international talent to develop innovative and comedy concepts. We distribute to TV stations across the world (UK, France, Belgium, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda etc) and have won several awards for our productions.

MTA Productions is a privately funded company and trades under MTA Sitcom LTD. 

Andrew OsayemiManaging Director
Andrew Osayemi is the operational force behind MTA Productions. He is the companies Managing Director who handles the budgeting and logistics of each TV production. He also manages the licensing and distribution of the TV rights of the companies various shows. He also exec produces all shows alongside Debra. Before his TV career Andrew was an investment bank trader for 5 years.
Debra OdutuyoCreative Director
Debra Odutuyo is the creative force behind MTA Productions. She is the companies Creative director who oversees the creation of new ideas and develops them into successful TV shows. She also produces and directs the shows in our purpose built studios. Debra has over 10 years extensive TV experience as a TV producer and Director.